Women Speak Up


As you help me/us track the invisible thread, we live more with hearts on sleeve, pulsing vulnerability and courage in the face of criticism. I’m seriously blown away by the synergy and collective dreaming living through me even as our communities lie hundreds of thousands of miles apart. I don’t think I’ve written so reflectively since I graduated college! Though shadows and subpersonalities are around every bend, I’ve never felt more optimistic, hopeful and fearless on my path despite the unknowns and misgivings. - Nicole Pefley, CA


The Red Thread has been about daring to answer a call, without any certainty about the outcome. I have continuously found myself in a state of creative tension, where life and death metaphorically meet in a sensual dance. A huge part of this year has been our inspiring community of courageous women, holding space in wildly unique ways. With the thread in hand, I now step into the greater collective of weavers and woven ones. - Janni Daugaard, Denmark

Recently, I spent four days deep diving in the desert with an especially amazing group of women and a powerful sister and guide. Over the course of the last two months, with the mentorship of Laura, I have stepped further into my psyche than I could have ever imagined. Her offering, The Red Thread, is an experiential, intimate, and nature-based journey designed for women that draws on the wisdom of the earth to lay the map for psycho-spiritual wholeness.

Through this work, I have come to a much deeper understanding of connection – in relation to myself and Others. The exploration of earth wisdom, archetypes, guides, the directions and elements, council, astrology, dream tracking, and ancestral healing/wisdom has deeply shifted something within me. 

Even with so many programs offered out in the world, Laura’s worked called to me. It hit my bones. She creates in a way that is incredibly grounded and of use in the day-to-day, and all the while still dances in the depths of the SOUL, bringing us back in relationship with each other, this miraculous earth, and ourselves.  

More than anything, this work has even more deeply connected me with what it means to be a keeper of this planet and of myself. And for that alone, I scream this work from the mountain tops – inviting us all to once again remember the sanctity of this Home. 


The Red Thread is a journey that will dis-member you and weave you back together again, more whole and real. Surrounded by a community of women; I was able to explore the wilds of myself, the folds of my soul, and what it means to be a woman alone and in community. Each quarter fed my soul and gave me new thoughts to consider and awaken my heart into new action and being. - Kim Elisha Proctor, CA

For most of my life, since early adolescence, I tried to teach myself to follow the opinion of others. I did my best to avoid conflict. I tried to fit in. I played small. I was hiding. And at many occasions I had no clue what my personal opinion was. I had become so good at reading what other people wanted me to say, that much of what came out of my mouth wasn't me. I somehow thought that if everyone else was happy, I was happy. Except, I wasn't.

That lead me on a journey to re-connect to my voice. Some days it is still messy. Some days I probably cross the line for what the majority think is socially acceptable. Some days it is still hard to navigate between my voice and the voice of someone else. Some days I change my mind. Some days I get scared of the power of my own words.

Being part of a safe group where I was encouraged over and over again to speak my unique voice, listening to the unique voices of other women and working with deep meaningful questions, has brought me closer to owning my voice.

It is time that we start speaking our truth.


Since joining this wonderful tapestry of women, I've both tracked and unraveled many threads. I've untangled myself from my too small stories and have begun to rebuild myself into something bigger and ever evolving. It's empowering to stand by seriously incredible woman and watch them grow and evolve deeper into their power and gifts. The Red Thread has re shaped how I move through this world and connect with Mystery. Connecting with this powerful sisterhood has been an incredible gift and I could not recommend this circle enough. Words fall short to express the potent magic that happens when we gather. - Runa, CA


The Red Thread allowed an opening and understanding to the "Others" existing all around.  Often feeling like the wrong species of tree in the forest, the sisterhood allowed that uniqueness to be celebrated and cultivated by other women who understand.  Being a female in leadership, full of intuition, is a task that I must carry and the tools provided in the Red Thread are only helping to further that trait.  Leading a large office from wholeness and authenticity has allowed relational barriers to be lessened with both men and women. - Eve VanHarpen


Belonging to The Red Thread has danced me into inner landscapes where I have found myself immersed in such raw grace, it has brought me to my knees. Being a part of the alchemical processes within this container has been powerful and healing, especially in our gatherings on the land together. I cherish the wisdom, courage and love we conjure deeply. Soul work offers us the gift of trusting ourselves and our experience, there is nothing greater. - Emily Violet, CA


It takes more than creativity to lead in this world, you need to be willing to look at yourself and others in new ways, through the lens of authenticity, love, and compassion.

For me, this journey was about transforming at the cellular level. And from that place, where everyone else saw the wind taking a twisting path I saw transformation and possibility. Let the possibility happen to you as well and get amazed at what you may find. - Maria Morais, UK


The Red Thread came for me at such a perfect time, I felt the nudge to grab hold of this thread and am so grateful that I did. In a time of uncertainty, it offered me maps and tools to carve my way through new territory in my life. It gently pointed out a compass direction to Soul even when I felt very lost. 

The most incredible and powerful women wove together on this course, each one an inspiration. I connected deeply with some of these beautiful souls even before we had met in the flesh. I am ever grateful for The Red Thread's subtle magic. The content appears simple but as I participate in it, it deepens and becomes more complex. There is plenty of excellent content - enough, but not too much. 

It deepened my passion and call into the wilds, into mythology, into mystery and helped me peel back some of my masks and guards, to examine what has been holding me back from following, seeing and speaking my truth.

The Red Thread has shifted the way I show up for the world at large. I have gotten more familiar with the protective parts of myself, and the places where I do not show up in my wholeness. It has provided a thread to tether the compass of curiosity. I  have constantly questioned myself, who I am in this greater conversation. The Red Thread has supportive this process, this embodied expedition across the terrain of soul, and provided a container that nourishes me through sisterhood and intimacy of conversations felt deep within my heart.  - Tara Burke, OR

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When I made the decision to join The Red Thread, it was on the heels of closing the doors of a business I had been running for over five years, my marriage was crumbling and I was navigating a life changing health diagnosis of one of my parents. Something inside me kept moving through the steps to participate in this program. I was absolutely led here by a very deep need to learn how to be with myself through all of these changes in a very different way than I had ever been before, except I had absolutely no idea how to do that on my own. During my first session with Laura she invited me to "leave room for mystery.." (aka, let go of the outcome and make space for the unknown to reveal what is possible). That perhaps the earth is dreaming of how I might be and live my life with more meaning and with more purpose. This frightened me but little by little I am learning to let go of the life I have been planning to truly meet the life that has been waiting for me. Some of the shifts have been subtle, some unbelievably profound. The Red Thread is not something that comes to an end after the program is over. It's truly just the beginning. The community, the women, the sisterhood, the support—I feel an incredible bond with everyone in this circle. I am deeply grateful to be a part of something so powerful. Now is the time to become the one you have been waiting for. - Jessica Durivage, SC