The Red Thread provides a communal, experiential, and initiatory learning environment that calls forth reflection amongst a powerful and growing community of women across the globe.


The Red Thread is a commitment to conscious evolution and growth. It is for women who have heard the call to grow deeper, and to show up more fully. It is for women who would feel served and seen in a ritual container that celebrates and amplifies the full spectrum of femininity; the full expression of the life path, with all its joys, sorrows and questions.

This is a HIGHLY experiential and personal process. Your journey will be your own, and catered exactly to you, your needs and the conversation you are being called to have with the world.

Why Nature-Based?

Women Are Naturally, And Intuitively Synced With The Rhythms And Growth Cycles Of The Earth.

These earthly cycles are themselves a fractal pattern of the larger Cosmic cycles of creation and death. A woman who has awakened to her kinship with the Earth as an animate, autonomous being, is one who has access to - and is able to embody, the forces of nature Herself.


We Explore Through

Nature-Based Soul Practices  |  Radical Dialogue  |  Dreamwork  |  Deep Imagination  |  Self-Healing and Wholing Practices  |  Embodiment and Mindfulness Practices |  Creative Ritual  |  Council  |  Expressive Arts

The Red Thread Sisterhood Network responds to the epidemic of isolation and separation in our lives.

This platform houses all of our content in a clear, very user-friendly way, while providing the invisible web of connection that we all long for as we set out on this path. 


Some of the Features of this Platform Include

Easy login with Facebook and Linkedin  |  A mobile app  |  Central Organization  |  Secure and Confidential Sharing |  Direct Message  |  Peer Support  |  Moderation and Connection with Laura and Natalie

Intention is Everything

One intention worth holding would be to participate so fully in this experience that you are able to gain lasting resources that support your sovereignty, the ensouled delivery of your gifts, and address the tasks of the life stage that you find yourself in.

Our intention, together, is to get closer to the wellspring of soul - our own, and that of the world. Together we enter the conversation and mark in a meaningful way what transitions, questions and longings are present in our lives, and to evoke potential in ourselves and each other. 

Ready to Apply?

The Red Thread is an application-only program. To begin, please download the registration packet. At the back of the packet, you'll find pricing information, and a link to set up a personal discovery call with Laura and Natalie. We look forward to speaking with you!